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Gone But Not Forgotten





By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Patricia Ann Williams (Dunn) (Class Of 1969)

Thindell Suggs (Class Of 1969)

Christine Artis (Class Of 1965)  
Hedy D. Dickerson (Reid) (Class Of 1963)
John Henry Edmundson (Class Of 1960)
Viola Catherine Fleming (Uzzell) (Class Of 1967)
Saundra F. Gray (Class Of 1965)  
Thelma R. Hill (Adams) (Class Of 1962)
Mary Marie Hubbard (Ellis) (Class Of 1967)  
Lonnie Ward (Class Of 1969)  

Robert L. Hill (Class Of 1965)  

Lucy Artis (Williams) (Class Of 1970)
Chester Hill (Class Of 1961)  
Carolyn M. Sampson (Class Of 1965)  

Lessie L. Bass (Class Of 1963)
Kenneth R. Coley (Class Of 1962)
Sallye Forte (Class Of 1959)
Tonyua A. Williams (Class Of 1969)  

Willie Elmer Lassiter (Class Of 1968)

Willie (Billy) R. Reid (Class Of 1963)  

Alvin Artis (Class Of 1970)
Billy L. Artis (Class Of 1965)
Carl Artis (Class Of 1970)
Ethelene Artis (Holmes) (Class Of 1969)
Jimmy Artis (Class Of 1970)
Joyce Artis (Class Of 1970)
Lamont Artis (Class Of 1970)
Mona Artis (Class Of 1970)
Odell Artis (Class Of 1970)
Rudolph Artis (Class Of 1965)
John W. Baker (Class Of 1963)
Linda M. Baker (Class Of 1965)
Thelma Barrett (Class Of 1969)
Kenneth Battle (Class Of 1969)
Bessie B. Best (Class Of 1963)
John R. Best (Class Of 1965)
Louise Blackmon (Class Of 1969)
Moses Earl Broadie (Class Of 1969)
Otis L. Brown (Class Of 1965)
Leon Bunch (Class Of 1970)
Thomas R. Carey (Class Of 1963)
Revolton B. Coley (Class Of 1963)
Bettie J. Core (Class Of 1963)
James Dwight Dickerson (Class Of 1970)
Jean Dickerson (Class Of 1969)
Linda Diane Exum (Class Of 1970)
Patricia A. Forte (Class Of 1965)
John T. Foster (Class Of 1961)
Clarence R. Fuller (Class Of 1963)
William Fuller (Class Of 1969)
William E. Greene (Class Of 1963)
Willie B. Harris (Class Of 1970)
Ennis Harris, Jr. (Class Of 1963)
Betty J. Harvey (Class Of 1965)
Nathaniel Harvey (Class Of 1961)
Wanda Kaye Herring (Ford) (Class Of 1970)
Hiawatha Hinnant (Class Of 1970)
Jimmy Holden (Class Of 1966)
Harry Holmes (Class Of 1969)
Lee Milton Howard (Class Of 1969)
William Earl Howard (Class Of 1968)
Margie M. Howell (Class Of 1965)
Ronald Lamont Howell (Class Of 1969)
Johnnie E. Johnson (Class Of 1965)
Betty Jones (Class Of 1969)
Charles Jones (Class Of 1970)
Robert L. Jones (Class Of 1969)
Loretta Kornegay (Class Of 1969)
Bobby Lane (Class Of 1970)
Carol Francis Lane (Class Of 1969)
Jonathan Lassiter (Class Of 1962)
Annie Lewis (Class Of 1970)
Gloria Jean Lewis (Class Of 1970)
Randolph Mitchell (Class Of 1970)
Floyd Newsome (Class Of 1961)
Irene Parks (Class Of 1970)
Linda Parks (Class Of 1969)
Jerry Pitt (Class Of 1970)
Leon Raye (Class Of 1969)
Geneva Reid (Class Of 1963)
Jessie Reid (Class Of 1970)
Matthew Reid (Class Of 1965)
Mavis Reid (Reid) (Class Of 1970)
Gladys M. Rowe (Class Of 1965)
Octavius Rowe (Class Of 1961)  
Bobbie Ann Sampson (Class Of 1969)
Eva Sampson (Class Of 1967)
Laura Sasser (Class Of 1970)
Annie Sauls (Class Of 1970)
Nevelene Sauls (Harvey) (Class Of 1965)
William Sauls (Class Of 1970)
Nathaniel Shadding (Class Of 1965)
Ernestine Sherrod (Class Of 1965)
Gwendolyn J. Sherrod (Winstead) (Class Of 1961)  
John W. Sutton (Class Of 1963)
William C. Sutton (Class Of 1965)
Diane Tillery (Class Of 1970)
James Uzzell (Class Of 1963)
Mackall Ward (Class Of 1970)
Shirley Williams (Class Of 1970)
Bettie J. Wilson (Class Of 1963)
Billy Wynn (Class Of 1969)

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